In-Transition Services

The Texas City Management Association (TCMA) offers a variety of personal support services to colleagues during trying times. These services include:

  • Eligible for Texas Municipal League (TML) Annual Conference stipends
  • Members of (TCMA) continue to receive the same benefits as other members
  • One year of complimentary membership dues
  • Waiver of the City Management Clinic registration fee
  • Waiver of the (TCMA) Annual Conference registration fee
  • Waiver of the William "King" Cole 1 and 2 registration fee

Please fill out and return the following application form to Kim Pendergraft. (Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or higher) is needed to complete and print out.)


To receive in-transition services, the TCMA Board has resolved that:

  • The individual must be a current member of TCMA prior to his/her in-transition status to receive in-transition services.
  • Any non-member of TCMA who is unemployed may, pending board approval, pay dues according to the appropriate classification and become a member of TCMA. This person will receive the benefits of being a member of TCMA, but will not be eligible for in-transition services during this current period of unemployment.
  • Individuals who are employed in the public (other than municipal government) or private sector, or are self-employed, are not eligible for in-transition services.
  • TCMA members may receive in-transition services for one year from their respective initiation dates, at which time they may choose one of the following:
    1. Pay the appropriate dues and remain a member of TCMA.
    2. Discontinue their membership with TCMA.
    3. Appeal to the Membership Committee to continue to receive in-transition services. In-transition members who choose to appeal to the Membership Committee must demonstrate that they are unemployed.
  • Anyone ineligible to participate in the in-transition program according to the above guidelines may purchase the following package for a fee:
    • A one-time mailing consisting of a list of city manager/administrator openings in Texas.
    • The opportunity to be included on the in-transition list and receive all mailings for one year.

Membership & Contact

Your TCMA membership follows you. It does not stay with your city. But the TCMA staff needs your home address and phone number to make sure your mailings are getting to you and to communicate with you if we know of job openings. Remember that the TCMA staff is here to provide these services and that they are free to members. If you are a TCMA member and find yourself in need of in-transition services, remember to contact Kim Pendergraft or call 512-231-7442.