Roster of In-Transition Members

Roster of in-Transition Texas City Management Association (Tcma) Members

(As of September 28, 2020)

This roster is provided to facilitate direct communications between an in-transition member and an interested organization. TCMA maintains a position of impartiality, and does not provide recommendations regarding in-transition assignments.

The following individuals are TCMA members with experience in city government, who are currently in search of executive level employment of either an interim or full-time nature:

MemberEmail Region
Bret Bauer
Email Bret Bauer
Jeff BraunEmail Jeff Braun6
Shawn CoxEmail Shawn Cox7
Jessica GarzaEmail Jessica Garza2
John GodwinEmail John Godwin5
Kim LenoirEmail Kim Lenoir3
Robert WoodEmail Robert Wood7

For further information about this program, please contact the TCMA In-transition Services at 512-231-7442 or Email TCMA offices.