Committees and Task Forces

TCMA initiated a new committee structure in 2010 around these concepts:

  • Seven committees (Executive Committee, Advocacy, City Managers of Tomorrow, Ethics, Membership, Nominating, and Professional Development).
  • The maximum committee size is 25 persons.  The Nominating Committee is limited to ten (10) one full member from each TCMA region (Article III, section 6, TCMA Constitution).
  • Each committee is made up of ten regional representatives, appointed by the respective TCMA regional board representative and/or regional president. (NOTE: Each TCMA regional board representative/president is to appoint a regional representative for each committee. If not submitted, the TCMA president will appoint the regional representative).
  • The TCMA president will also appoint up to 15 additional volunteers, plus the chair and vice chair from the TCMA Board members.
  • Only voting TCMA members are appointed to the TCMA Nominating Committee.
  • The TCMA Executive Committee consists of the president, president-elect, vice president, immediate past president, and TML Board representative.
  • The TCMA president can create committees and task forces subject to the Board’s approval.The incoming TCMA president appoints committee vice chairs and the chair of the Ethics Committee.
  • Each TCMA region is provided an opportunity to be appropriately represented on each committee.