Committees and Task Forces

On April 9, 2021, the Board adopted a new operating structure for committees in order to provide better consistency from year to year. There are eight committees: Executive which also serves at the Budget and Planning Committee, Advocacy, City Managers of Tomorrow, Ethics, Membership, Nominating, Professional Development, and TCMA Allies.

The change currently impacts only the following committees: Advocacy, Ethics, Membership, Nominating, and Professional Development.

  • Region presidents appoint a region representative to serve a two-year term to each committee.
  • Regions bearing even-numbered designations shall expire in even-numbered years and odd-numbered regions will expire in odd-numbered years.
  • An annual open call is conducted for 15 at-large positions to serve a one-year term.
  • TCMA president-elect appoints the committee chair and vice chair from the region representatives.
  • Committee chair and vice chair must be a Full TCMA member.
  • The TCMA president-elect appoints 15 at-large positions on an annual basis and tries to ensure equal representation across regions.
  • The TCMA president-elect appoints a current Board member to serve as a liaison to the Board.
  • If a vacancy occurs, the president-elect makes an appointment.
  • If a region representative is appointed as the committee chair or vice chair, they will also represent their region.
  • Executive Committee members no longer serve as committee chairs but have the option to serve in any capacity. The immediate past president will continue to serve as chair of the Nominating Committee (Article III, Section 6, B).An orientation will be conducted for each committee chair and vice chair.

Task Force structure:

  • TCMA President appoints a chair and vice chair.
  • TCMA President appoints task force members or conducts an open call.
  • TCMA President tries to ensure equal representation across regions.
  • Limit number of volunteers for each task force to 25.
  • Only one task force per volunteer unless a task force is not completely filled.
  • Membership on task forces: 
    • Must be a TCMA voting member (Full, Associate, or Life members). 
    • No more than two people from the same city on the same task force.

No changes were made to the following:

  • Executive Committee (Article XIII) which also serves as the Budget and Planning Committee.
  • Nominating Committee (Article III, Section 6, B).
  • City Managers of Tomorrow Committee:
    • The following structure was approved on April 3, 2020: chair, vice chair, committee members are MIRs with five open seats appointed by the TCMA President.
  • Creation of a Task Force (Article VII).