Code of Ethics

On April 27, 1984, the Texas City Management Association (TCMA) adopted the code of ethics, guidelines, and rules of procedure of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Further, TCMA believed it to be in the best interests of its members to not only clarify the applicability of the code for its members but also suggest types of behavior best conducive to truly professional relationships. Therefore, TCMA approved on June 7, 1987, the following language, which although not a part of the ICMA/TCMA Code with Guidelines, is nonetheless considered important from TCMA’s viewpoint for its members to be aware. In 1998, TCMA adopted a slightly different set of enforcement rules that apply to TCMA members only.

View the TCMA Code of Ethics with Guidelines and Rules of Procedure for Enforcement (PDF).  Another important document to read is the Behavioral Guidelines to Professional Relationships (PDF).

New Members

Individuals wishing to join TCMA must complete ethics training from either the William King Cole Session 1 workshop or the online Ethics 101 training. Proof of completion must accompany the application.


For questions, you can email Matt Mueller, TCMA Ethics Committee chair. You can also email Kim Pendergraft, or call 512-231-7400.