Internships, Micro-Interships, Fellowships

We can’t overemphasize the importance of obtaining valuable experience in local government administration. In almost all cases, this practical experience will make the difference between a job offer and being overlooked for a more qualified candidate. While military experience and other business-related experience always helps, it is not a substitute for local government management experience. Many cities offer paid and unpaid internship opportunities where city managers of tomorrow can gain this relevant knowledge. Cities throughout the state have coordinated their internship advertisements via the Texas Municipal League (TML) Career Center. Students seeking internships are encouraged to utilize this resource.

TCMA member cities may offer micro-internships which are project-based instead of hours-based. These opportunities are ideal for students that work or attend school remotely. They are also a great option for cities needing limited assistance rather than a full semester intern. Please check the TML Career Center for opportunities.

Finally, several cities offer fellowships directly or work with ICMA or Lead For America. You may also find these opportunities on the TML Career Center.